Hate to See Your Favourite Bedsheets Shrink or Fade? Try these Tips

The sight of shrunken bedsheets is the worst, especially when it is expensive or worse your favorite one!

Now, what if we told you that you could protect your luxurious bed sheets from fading or shriveling?

We have some potent tips in tow that will prove useful to avoid your bed linens from turning yellow as well.

Tips to prevent bedsheets from shrinking

Indeed, we cannot keep our new bed covers new forever. It is said, we can at least try to preserve its freshness for long. The trick is to use quality detergent and being extra careful during laundry.

Here are some proven secrets for it to ensure that your bedsheets are shrink-proof. Give it a try!

Tip 1 – Follow the instructions given on the label

Laundry day is often a taxing experience. However, if you play by the rules, it's fun and helps keep your favorite bed covers fresh and new for long. 

You can achieve it too with practice. 

Now this said practice requires you to follow a set of instructions. Instructions for washing them. Such instructions can often be found on the label attached to the fabric in question. 

For example, the instructions often direct to pay attention to the water temperature in case of embellished bedsheets. 

Next, it is the type of detergent you are supposed to use. Your choice of detergent would be based on the type of fabric and its delicateness. 

However, you must remember; instructions tend to vary and depends on factors like – thread count, colouring agent, etc. 

Do not forget to find out their suitability against handwash vs machine wash. Hence, make it a point to read the label carefully before going ahead with your laundry! 

Tip 2 - Buy quality bedsheets

Do not want your duvet cover to lose its colour or softness? As a remedy, invest in quality bed sheets and pillow covers.

You should also make sure that you look at their thread count and material. These factors play an essential role in increasing its durability.

Opt for bed covers that are made from natural fabrics and have passed norms of quality checks. Wondering where to get hold of such high-quality bedsheets?

Check out Bella Casa's quality collection that has been tested for durability.


Tip 3 - Avoid drying bedsheets in the sun!

Direct sunlight acts as an antihero for bed sheets with bright prints and colour. The reason being, the sun degrades fabrics making them fade.

So, if you do not wish to lose the pretty hue on your chosen pattern on your favorite Bedsheet, dry them in the shade away from direct rays!

Another tip is you may wash your bedsheets in the evening or at night and hang them to dry in a ventilated area.

However, if you wish to machine dry, follow the instructions mentioned on the washing label properly. Also, take into account the machine settings and fabric of the bedsheets.

Tip 4 - Use Detergents without Bleach

Always check your detergent's component before you put your bed linen to wash!

Sometimes a cleanser will contain brightening or lighting agents that make fabrics look more vibrant. Such chemicals can change the colour of your bedsheets.

Yellowing or getting fade is also a common occurrence because of bleach.

It is especially the case with floral and patterned designs.

So, to protect the colour and softness of your favorite bed linen use a detergent that does not contain bleach. Likewise, try to wash white-hued bed covers and coloured duvet covers separately with detergents that have brightening agents.

Try these to retain their brilliance and colour for the longest!

Tip 5 - Dry Clean

If you have the budget for weekly drying cleaning, then, by all means, have your bed linen professionally washed.

However, if you don't, we suggest giving your Besheets to a professional dry cleaner, once a month.

Alternatively, you may opt for quality Bedsheet to protect the bedsheet from stains, dirt, dust, and grime. This practice will make your duvet last longer and keep them fresh!

However, it is to be noted that delicate fabrics like your satin or silk blend sheets will benefit from hand washing as it's a more gentle process. Since regular cotton or cotton blend sheets are stronger and more durable machine wash would suit them fine.

Therefore, by using these tips, one can protect their bedsheets from fading or shriveling up considerably. It will also help them preserve the soft hue and brilliance of their favorite cover for the longest.

Now, maybe you would like to check out some of our latest selections of bedsheets Bella Casa's web portal. You can further pick something that helps jazz up your bedroom and is easy to wash and maintain.


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